The 1st SYMPHONY (Piano Version. Op. 4-A) status: All movements (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Piano version) completed. Last one: 2nd Movement was completed on 26 Feb 2018.


Composed by Bernard Tezzler (Another pen name: Iberlekeu 伊部瑠玖 いべるく)

(started registration from 30 Mar 2013)

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May 2013 (original idea) 1st Movement: Exposition & end of Recapitulation , Coda. 

1st movement - Exposition & end of Recapitulation 

5 May 2016  (original idea)  2nd  Movement: Beginning 1 minute (introduction, 1st theme, 2nd theme, repeat of introduction)


2nd movement - Introduction & 1st/2nd themes. repeat of introduction 

3rd Movement: Adagio/Adagietto 

(original idea) 3rd Movement 24Jan2016: Beginning (theme 1 inspired by the shrine in Asagaya) 

(original idea) 3rd Movement 18JUL2016:  (theme 2 inspired by nature and culture in Iceland)



4th Movement (Finale)

(original idea) 4th Movement Finale. 3May2017: Beginning  of Part 1 (introduction, theme 1)  
(Rev1) 4th Movement Finale. 14May2017: Beginning (introduction, theme 1, theme 2)

(original idea) 4th Movement Finale. 15OCT2017: Beginning  of Part 2



<score of 2nd 3rd Movement sketch (piano version pdf) 28AUG2016>



[Score for piano (several hands) PDF] 

14FEB2016  : Score of 1st Movement 

<score of 1st movement:  page 1 to page 7 for piano>

<score of 1st movement: page 8 to page 19 for piano>

2MAR2018  : Score of 2nd Movement 

<score of 2nd movement for piano>

<score of 2nd movement:  page 1 to page 10 for piano>

<score of 2nd movement: page 11 to page 17 for piano>


23APR2017  : Score of 3rd Movement 

<score of 3rd movement for piano>


22OCT2017  : Score of 4th Movement (part-1) 

<score of 4th movement part-1 for piano>

31DEC2017  : Score of 4th Movement (part-2) 

<score of 4th movement part-2 for piano>

22JAN2018  : Score of 4th Movement (part-3) 

<score of 4th movement part-3 for piano>



2JAN2016  : Composition of 1st Movement (Piano version around 7 minutes) : Completed. 

1st movement - Exposition (beginning to ending, 3 min, Piano version 提示部) 

1st movement - Development - Recapitulation - Coda (4min10 sec, Piano version 展開部・再現部・コーダ)
15/26FEB2018  : Composition of 2nd Movement PART1,PART2  (Piano version around 4 minutes) : Complated.

26FEB2018  : Composition of 2nd Movement PART3  (Piano version around 2 minutes 30 min) : Completed.

4JAN2017  : Composition of 3rd Movement (Piano version around 5 minutes) : Completed

9OCT2017 Rev1: 13OCT2017 : Composition of 4th Movement (Finale) Part 1  (Piano version around 2 minutes 40 seconds) : Completed  

13DEC2017 (Rev 17DEC2017): Composition of 4th Movement (Finale) Part 2  (Piano version around 2 minutes ) : Completed

4JAN2018 (Rev 6&7JAN2018): Composition of 4th Movement (Finale) Part 3  (Piano version around 4 minutes 20 seconds) : Completed.  Accordingly, 4th Movement (total around 9 minuites) Completed.